“Ashley is the personal vision of architect Cathal O’Connor… the result is a sublime mix of well-chosen materials and quality workmanship… The O’ Connors’ do reproduction extremely well…. these brand new houses mix the best of Edwardian architecture, the art and crafts movement’s respect for craftsmanship and modern day building, energy efficiency and insulation standards are top drawer….

Eschewing the contemporary 2000’s look and opting for the safety of tried and tested design of a century ago, these houses have an immediate strong visual appeal…

Match the obvious unstinting specification to the level of craftsmanship and the hand-made Ibstock bricks, granite cills, the clay tile details and roof hip bonnets, the corbels even the weather-struck joints in the brickwork – and these are houses that will stand the test of time....”

Tommy Barker – Property Editor, Irish Examiner   Ashley      

“A unique combination of the real thing and the facsimile has made Lindville the focus of architectural attention in Cork

 ….an approach which shows as much respect for the old as for the new in terms of material and craftsmanship, land use and design… offers and interesting, even encouraging, slant on the philosophy of housing: the way of reading the market on the assumption that people are educated, sophisticated, and willing to pay for quality, for the real thing rather than the stencil of the real thing”

 Mary Leyland – Irish Examiner       Lindville


"Anyone who had seen the houses as they are being built has been blown away by the quality of the work and design"

Peter Cave - Savills / Hamilton Obsborne King



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